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First post, a Cobra series, and a Boss oneshot

1/6/13 10:58 pm - mlle_loupgarou - First post, a Cobra series, and a Boss oneshot

{Hi everyone! Just a quick intro - I'm TW, 20, female, United States. I'm afraid that I'm way behind most of the community since I started the series with Snake Eater about a year ago and since then I've only got through MGS3, Portable Ops, and (half of) Peace Walker...but I'm working on it. ^_^ Ok, on to the interesting parts.}

Title: The Punchline
Pairing: Sorrow/Joy, in places.
Genre: Friendship/Humor
Characters: The Cobra Unit (Joy, End, Sorrow, Fear, Fury, Pain); William J. Donovan
Rating: A strong PG-13? The only "adult" content is frequent bouts of swearing in various languages, including several forms of "f~" and the Russian equivalents.
Summary: An in-progress slice-of-laugh-life mishmash for the Cobra Unit during WWII, written mostly for kicks and giggles and characterization practice while working on my Cobra fan novel. Updates somewhere between every two days and every two weeks, depending on how much spare time I get.
Concrit Requests: My only Russian is self-taught and so I've been struggling with connotations and with transliterating Cyrillic to Latin script; if anyone has experience with either of those, I would love pointers/corrections. Any other feedback is welcome too, keeping in mind that later chapters are naturally becoming a little inconsistent in details and characterization as I do more thorough research, spend more time with the characters, and revisit old scenarios with new ideas.

Fake cut to fanfiction.net!

Title: Mother
Pairing: None
Genre: Hurt/Comfort, Family
Characters: The Boss, Jack (Naked Snake/Big Boss)
Rating: K
Summary: On the tenth anniversary of D-Day, The Boss' past, present, and future collide for both better and worse. She may have lost one son, but could it be possible for her to gain another? Oneshot, complete.
Concrit Requests: I would be very grateful for any kind of feedback/concrit on this one. I wrote it in one day, and it ended up so emotionally charged that it's hard for me to see past that to the writing itself.

Yep, another fake cut.
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