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8/4/12 01:25 pm - missmonkeh - Fic - Gethsemane

Title: Gethsemane
Pairings:  Big Boss/EVA/Ocelot (with a focus on EVA/Ocelot)
Words: 2960
Rated: somewhat NSFW (non-graphic sex)
Summary: All they have left of John is each other. The plan to resurrect Big Boss is born, and they know that in fighting the Patriots they must ultimately sacrifice themselves. Strangely, neither is opposed to this.
Warnings:  EVA/Ocelot sex. Switch your improbability metres off while reading. Also, a whole lot of Big Boss-related pining.

Their interactions are a frenzy of accusations, of anger and raised hackles and violence. They wound one another; they share their hurt in the only way they know, by sharing it, passing it on in the hope they will someday be rid of itCollapse )

8/1/12 02:59 pm - americanaviator - Cobrafic!

I wrote a WWII-era Joy x Sorrow thing! This was a 24th birthday present for my husband. 

Title: ​Schastye Moyo
Rating: G
Wordcount: 1855

((Follow the fake cut!))

7/19/12 12:06 pm - athenemiranda - drabble - Metal Gear Ac!d

Title: Ragdoll
Pairing: Alice/Minette
Rating: SFW
Warnings: loli (subtext, no contact)

do you play with dolls?Collapse )

7/18/12 01:04 am - graphdesino

Title: Piss and 409
Pairing: Otacon/Snake, implicit.
Rating: SFW
Summary: Pre-MGS4 drabble. An ailing Snake adjusts to life as a patient.
Warnings: Spoilers for like, the first 30 seconds of MGS4.

Read more...Collapse )

7/16/12 02:55 pm - athenemiranda - calling all UK fans:

@KonamiUK are running a Metal Gear fanart contest. Details here. Requires a twitter account, UK residents only.

7/6/12 08:11 pm - technophile

MGS Fanworks (Blind) Round Robin! (SS Timeline)

Here's where the story went!

fireholly wrote:

Snake felt the snap of the mechanism before the sudden jolt of animal terror made his eyes flash open. Instinctively, he grabbed at the autoinjector and pulled it from his neck, fumbling at it with shaking hands.

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7/6/12 07:48 pm - technophile

MGS Fanworks (Blind) Round Robin! (BB Timeline)

Here's where the story went!

slythgeek wrote:

“Will you do it, then?” David Oh stared at the boy across the table, waiting for an answer, but the boy stuffed his mouth with potatoes and sauerkraut as if he were not the linchpin upon whom this entire conversation and, in fact, quite possibly David’s life, depended.

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6/28/12 04:14 pm - feriowind - STICKER AND MINI PRINT SALE!

Hello all, I'm selling my Foxhound stickers and an array of my drawings as 4x6” prints, a majority of which are MGS. Please come check it out!

Stickers are $1 each, and for every 5 that you buy, you’ll receive 1 free!

Prints are $2 each, and 3 for $5. The incomplete MGS ABC series is $10 for letters A-G!

The Foxhound stickers, which are around 2x3" in size.


x-posted on mgs_slash

6/23/12 05:32 pm - ljusastjarnan - time to understand the monster [An OtaSune mix]

Title: Signifier/the signified
Subject: Past mistakes, existential anxiety, bullet's and carnage, bromance, angst, melancholy
Warnings: None.
Notes: The name, signified/signifier comes from Saussre's proposed language system, where the signifier is that which carries meaning, and the signified is that to which it refers*. I like imagining Philanthropy as the signifier, and ideals that Otacon and Snake carry being the signified, whilst their relationship is the signification that binds the signifier and the signified together. ISN'T THAT ROMANTIC, FFFFU.

Sorry for the hodge-podge of genres and the x-post, guys. :"(
Also mgs1-mgs2 centric. I haven't played mgs4 yet. Blasphemy, I know.

6/22/12 02:10 pm - write_rewrite - Fanfiction: Fighter Planes - The Boss/The Sorrow

Title: Fighter Planes
Fandom: Metal Gear Solid.
Author: [info]write_rewrite 
Rating:  PG-13.
Pairings: None specifically, though hints of The Sorrow/The Boss.
Warnings: None.
Notes: Based on headcanon with a friend of mine; Darya - the Fury; Alexander - the Sorrow. 'The Kid' generally refers to The Fear. Also, this is set during the Second World War. They're helping out the French Resistance, and none of them know, yet, that the Sorrow is a lass. Critique and everything quite welcome!
Summary: He has never seen the Boss so happy before.

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