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3/2/13 06:02 pm - slythgeek - FINALLY have the Christmas thing done for Oudetron!

Due to running two conventions within four months of each other, my time for writing was nil.  I'm not sure whether you knew I was running this far behind or not.  I'm so very sorry!

But I don't think this story will disappoint you.

Out of your prompts, I chose a Boss/Strangelove "angst" story about the darkness of space.

Title: Constellations
Pairing: The Boss/Strangelove
Characters: The Boss, Strangelove
Rating: PG (any sexual content is not explicit)
Summary: Two nights before the Boss is to go to space, Strangelove wonders how the darkness of space would feel.
Concrit: None, please.  It is complete.

"Constellations"Collapse )

3/1/13 10:21 pm - ikipud - Rising Art DOOMP and other things

Excuse my horrible pun in the title. Thanks Doktor. Here's some stuff I've done after playing through Rising this week! There's also some Big Boss as well at the end because old habits die hard

more pictures under the cut!Collapse )

1/6/13 10:58 pm - mlle_loupgarou - First post, a Cobra series, and a Boss oneshot

{Hi everyone! Just a quick intro - I'm TW, 20, female, United States. I'm afraid that I'm way behind most of the community since I started the series with Snake Eater about a year ago and since then I've only got through MGS3, Portable Ops, and (half of) Peace Walker...but I'm working on it. ^_^ Ok, on to the interesting parts.}

Title: The Punchline
Pairing: Sorrow/Joy, in places.
Genre: Friendship/Humor
Characters: The Cobra Unit (Joy, End, Sorrow, Fear, Fury, Pain); William J. Donovan
Rating: A strong PG-13? The only "adult" content is frequent bouts of swearing in various languages, including several forms of "f~" and the Russian equivalents.
Summary: An in-progress slice-of-laugh-life mishmash for the Cobra Unit during WWII, written mostly for kicks and giggles and characterization practice while working on my Cobra fan novel. Updates somewhere between every two days and every two weeks, depending on how much spare time I get.
Concrit Requests: My only Russian is self-taught and so I've been struggling with connotations and with transliterating Cyrillic to Latin script; if anyone has experience with either of those, I would love pointers/corrections. Any other feedback is welcome too, keeping in mind that later chapters are naturally becoming a little inconsistent in details and characterization as I do more thorough research, spend more time with the characters, and revisit old scenarios with new ideas.

Fake cut to fanfiction.net!

Title: Mother
Pairing: None
Genre: Hurt/Comfort, Family
Characters: The Boss, Jack (Naked Snake/Big Boss)
Rating: K
Summary: On the tenth anniversary of D-Day, The Boss' past, present, and future collide for both better and worse. She may have lost one son, but could it be possible for her to gain another? Oneshot, complete.
Concrit Requests: I would be very grateful for any kind of feedback/concrit on this one. I wrote it in one day, and it ended up so emotionally charged that it's hard for me to see past that to the writing itself.

Yep, another fake cut.

12/31/12 02:10 am - phiilofobia - S3 Fic: Bark

Title: Bark
Characters: Snake/Otacon

 Otacon and Snake and that wolf pup and cuteness.
Rating: SFW
Summary: There are many ways to describe a cabin in Alaska.
Notes: This one was written first in spanish and then with a little help from my friends translated to english. For Arrcade I hope you like it <33 Happy Christmas and happy New Year!

It was something in the air Collapse )

12/29/12 10:14 pm - oudeteron - S3 Fic: When All Is Said and Done

Hey there! I come bearing my contribution to this year's Secret Santa. For our fabulous ikipud/pudding! <3

Title: When All Is Said and Done
Characters: Big Boss/Zero
Prompt: #1: Between MGS3 and PW - BB and Zero having tea together. BB complains that he doesn't like tea and ends up clumsily making himself coffee instead.
Word Count: ~1,200
Rating: SFW
Summary: Past wrongs won't fade away, but Zero tries his luck and invites an old friend to reconsider his decision to cut ties with his former unit. Things get very awkward, very fast.
Notes: Pud, I did what I could to stick close to your prompt, but given that an awesome fic of BB and Zero having tea together already exists thanks to Thene, I embellished the situation a bit differently. (Tried to hold off the mountains of angst between these two tossers, but some might have seeped into it all the same because I get easily carried away when it comes to BB/Zero.) Anyway, I hope the fic is to your liking and manages to justify itself! XD Thanks for being such a prolific contributor to this fandom and a great friend.
Also, I considered putting an exact date between MGS3 and PW onto this but then I figured lol no, not until MGS5/MGSV happens. For now, let's imagine this takes place a few years post-MGS3, but still pre-Portable Ops.
Disclaimer: I love tea. I love coffee. Character biases = not mine! :P
Actual Disclaimer: MGS belongs to Hideo Kojima & Konami.

'Come on, it hasn't been that long.'Collapse )

12/28/12 10:09 pm - cherrytruck - S3 Prompt - for Stupah

Whoops I'm a bit early here aren't I? Oh hell. HAI STUPES :D

Characters: The Boss & Strangelove
Rating: SFW/G
Summary: a picture of both of them floating in space together (surreal)

Hope it's surreal enough for your liking! And to everyone else, PLEASE START POSTING SOON SO I DON'T FEEL ALONE IN THIS COMM LOL

Click for picCollapse )


12/5/12 08:18 pm - missmonkeh - SUPER LATE, SUPER SECRET SANTA

Hello, livejournal! I realise I may be shouting into the void here, but since I'm not willing to let this fandom go without any kind of festive cheer, I've decided to organise a Secret Santa. Recognising the Way of Fandom has changed somewhat, the main bulk of the Secret Santa is likely to take place over at tumblr, but! I hope there'll be a few people here willing to take part.

The tumblr post for the Secret Santa is here. If you're on Tumblr, you're welcome to participate that way, but fear not. I'll be running it here as well, for those who don't like/haven't got a Tumblr.

So, without further ado:


- You can, as always,  submit up to three prompts, and your gifter will choose one to work from.

- There’s a short questionnaire at the end of this post. Fill it in and post it as a comment (they will be screened) The deadline for receipt is Monday 10th December.

- Once all entries are collected, you’ll be matched with a giftee. It’s then down to you to fill their prompt in whichever way you see fit - fic, art, vids, fanmixes, it’s all good. You should be matched by Wednesday 12th December. You may well be matched with a Tumblr user - fear not, I'll make sure they get their gift.

- The deadline for gifts is Saturday 29th December. You can post your gift on tumblr, here on the mgs_fanworks Livejournal or you can send them to me and I’ll post them. I’ll also be making a masterpost of all the gifts both here and on tumblr.


- All Metal Gear games can be requested, and all characters are fair game. Feel free to request AU’s, but please, no crossovers. They’re complicated, and they make Sunny cry.

- Your request can be a general one (“Snotacon fanart please!”) or specific (“Kaz in a pink fishnet leotard dancing with maracas on a mountainside in Kazakhstan!”) Please be as clear as possible about what you want and don’t want.

- Due to the time constraints, I understand super long fic might not be possible. However, a minimum of 650 words is expected - this is a gift, after all! There’s no upper word limit. Go nuts. For art, a piece of similar commitment, time-wise, is the minimum expected - a couple of hours’ work. Drabble collections and comics are welcome.

- Please submit only ONE entry form. If you need to make changes, message me. The deadline for entry forms is Monday 10th December.

- Please, please, only enter if you’re certain you can commit to producing a gift. It’s just not fair when people work hard on a gift only to be left out.

- Unless requested, try to make your gifts un-angsty. It’s Christmas. Let’s spread a little joy.

11/26/12 06:59 pm - ikipud - MGS-themed merch!

INCOMING SHAMELESS SELF-PROMOTION (sorry guys I hope this isn't against the rules????): So, those who managed to grab a copy of this year's fanbook will recognise the lovebox picture which is now available as prints, tshirts, iphone cases and other neat stuff along with some other MGS-themed pictures over here at my society6 shop! C:

more pics under cutCollapse )

10/11/12 03:13 pm - slythgeek - Another VGMV - this one about The Boss

Medium: Video
Title: Time Bomb
Pairings:  A little bit of Boss/Sorrow
Rated: PG or whatever
Summary: My tribute to The Boss, set to Jessy Greene's song "Time Bomb"

Watch it here on YouTube.   

I may have posted an earlier version of this asking for help.  I can't remember.  This version I'm happy with besides one long dissolve at the beginning I don't particularly like.

8/12/12 12:01 am - khronos_keeper

Title:  MGS drabbles
Pairing: none
Rating: G, SFW
Summary: 2.5 snippets of fic ideas that never went anywhere.
Warnings: Watch out for steep dropoffs :P

Snake's Revenge drabble; Justin HalleyCollapse )

Snake's Revenge drabble; DavidCollapse )

MGS4 pre-drabble; Sunny and Snake meetCollapse )

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