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11/6/09 10:30 pm - athenemiranda - SECRET SANTA SIMULATION 2009

Crossposted to mgs_slash. You only need to sign up once, and it doesn't matter which post you sign up to.

-Thanks for your imput, everyone! By majority decision the Secret Santa has mutated into a combo slash/het/femslash/gen exchange and is now open to both fanfic and fanart.

-Fly is being a busybee and has asked me to run the exchange this year. I shall try my best not to break it.

All prompts have been sent out, so if you don't have yours please yell at me about it.

Post your gift here at mgs_fanworks on Christmas Day. If you're going away someplace and won't be able to post on the right day but you still want to participate, that's fine - just email me and we can work something out.

(You're welcome to crosspost or link slashy & femslashy gifts on mgs_slash, but as we're expecting some het & gen participation, we'd like all responses to be available on mgs_fanworks).


About requests:

-You can ask for anything so long as it's related to Metal Gear. Any situation, any characters, any bit of canon you'd like to see illustrated/explored, anything you like. You can request AUs, but not crossovers.

-There's no format for requests. You can ask for something really general ('Art, Otacon, MGS4') or really specific ('I want a fic about Vamp and Rose meeting in NYC two years after MGS2 and getting drunk together and talking about Raiden') or anything in between.

-Be as clear as you can about what you're looking for. (MGS1 Snake/Ocelot is not the same as MGS4 Snake/Ocelot.) If there's multiple characters listed in your request, don't forget to say whether you want to see any pairings or not. (A gen art of BB and The Boss is not the same as a het art of BB and The Boss.)

About responses:

-Fics must be at least 1000 words. So, more than a drabble, but not much of a stretch either - you don't need to write an epic...though you can if you want to; there's no upper word limit. I've no idea how one would define a minimum target for art fills, but I'm sure you guys can use your own discretion there.

-Just to make it easier to match up prompters with writers & artists, comic strips are going to be classed as art. But if you think you're likely to want to make a comic strip, please do say so in the entry form, and I'll try to give you a prompt from someone who's seeking either art or fic. :)

-...of course, once you've drawn your art/written your fic there's nothing to stop you throwing in bonus responses, cat macros, cake and relevant excerpts from your ongoing Mantis As Mall Santa fanwork project. Go wild!

-Not that anyone would, but: this isn't the Trick-or-Treat Meme, so no grief responses pls. It's wish fulfilment time now.


Names mean nothing on the battlefield, but mine's:
I'd rather be contacted through: (email/LiveJournal Private Message)
And my email address is:


I will provide: (fic/art/either/something else)
But given the choice I'd rather do: (fic/art/either)

Gen?: (Y/N)
Het?: (Y/N)
Slash?: (Y/N)
Femslash?: (Y/N)
My main preference/s out of these: Gen/het/slash/femslash

Porn/Smut/Sex?: (Y/N)

Do you have anything that you feel deeply uncomfortable writing/drawing?: (NOTE - "I don't want to write non-con, anything sexy with kids, or anything involving my secret phobia, balloons" = a good answer. "I'M NOT WRITING ANYTHING EXCEPT MY ONE TRUE PAIRING, VAMP/THE END" = bad answer.)

I'm comfortable making stuff based on the following things: (If you've volunteered to do either art or fic, put an A for ones you're comfortable drawing and an F for ones you're comfortable writing about, eg "Metal Gear [A] Metal Gear 2: [F] [Metal Gear Solid [AF]". If you've only volunteered to do one medium, you can use an X.)

Metal Gear [ ]
Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake [ ]

Metal Gear Solid [ ]
Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty [ ]
Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater [ ]
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots [ ]

Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops [ ]
Metal Gear Ac!d [ ]
Metal Gear Ac!d 2 [ ]

Please list any other Metal Gear games you're happy writing about which aren't on the list:


Dear Solid Santa, I've been PRETTY GOOD!~ this year and I would like a: (fic/artwork/either)
But I'd be happy with either fic or art: (Y/N)

This is what I want:

(Here's where you get to make your request! Finally! One request per person.)

But please don't put in:

(RESERVE THIS FOR SQUICKS THAT SOMEONE MAY ACCIDENTALLY CROSS WRITING ABOUT YOUR PREMISE. "I want Revolver Ocelot/Solid Snake, but I don't want tortureporn" = great. "I want Raiden/Vamp, no dubcon" = also great. "I want Emma/Rose, but no [long list of every squick you have many of which require penises to do]" = pointless.)


Comments to this post are screened, but I'll unscreen anything that doesn't have an entry form in it - any questions or discussion points you want to raise, etc.
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