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Metal Gear Solid fanfic, fanart and other fanworks.


This is a comm for fanfic, fanart, fanvids, cosplay, graphics and any other kind of creative work that's related to the Metal Gear series. We're receptive to everything from the original Metal Gear on the MSX to MGS Rising and Peace Walker; everything from Metal Gear Ac!d to Snake's Revenge. As long as it's Metal Gear, it's welcome. (Kojima rarefandoms like Policenauts, Snatcher and Zone of the Enders are also welcome!)


1) This comm is for MGS Fanworks.

This isn't the place to talk about the games themselves. Don't come here and

Promote your Metal Gear RP
Ask for game tips
("How do I beat Ocelot in Extreme Mode?")
Discuss your own gaming experience, be it in terms of your own gaming prowess or an Easter Egg you just found
("Well, I just speed-ran MGS3 on European Extreme, what a fun night that was!")
Squeal about pre-release info, teasers, game hype, etc.
("Oh my god, in the new trailer, he isn't wearing a shirt!")
Squeal about the games as a whole
("I just played the games for the first time and I'm totally in love, here's a list of the pairings I like...")

and so on.

Off-topic posts will be deleted, and although you won't be warned you will be told.

2) This comm is for your own creative content.

DO post your own writing, own drawings, or the drawing your friend gave you and said you could post. DON'T link to some random stranger's fanart site or Flash cartoon, even if it's awesome.

However you CAN use the comm to ask for beta-readers, partners for collabs, advice for making costumes, and so on. You may also make 'searching for' posts, if there's a fanwork you love but you can't recall where it is, or a type of fanwork you want to see but don't know where to find.

3) This comm is for gen, slash, femslash and het.

Don't like, don't read. You don't need to warn for slash or femslash - just tell us the pairing and it's all good.

4) The mods reserve the right to ban people for being horrible, trolling, making everyone's lives miserable, because the mods can't stand looking at them any more, or at random.

So take that.



1) Use a header.

A header doesn't have to follow this format, but it should make clear the title of your fic, the rating, and any serious warnings. While it is mostly up to the author what to warn for and in how much detail, you are required to use a warning if your fanwork contains guro/graphic violence (ie. gorier than canon), rape, sexual abuse or dubious consent, self-harm or suicidal ideation, and sexual situations involving characters under the age of eighteen.

A header template is provided here:

2) Use an LJ-cut to hide the text of the fic.

If you don't know what one is or how to make one, please go here.

3) [OPTIONAL] Use a concrit tag to indicate level of criticism wanted.

More on the concrit tags later.

You don't have to use a tag, but if you receive crit for a fic that you have left untagged, we expect you not to whine about it.


1) Provide a rating and, if necessary, any warnings.

Rating here can be "SFW" or "NSFW" instead of having to go through the film rating rigmarole, but make sure it is clear whether your material is clean or otherwise. (We generally tag most fanart as G, use PG or PG-13 for cheesecake, and reserve higher ratings for smut or gore). Warnings are up to the artist's discretion, but must be provided if the artwork involves graphic violence, graphic sex or sex involving characters under eighteen.

1b) If the artwork is a detailed comic, doujin, narrative video or anything else where the emphasis is on telling a story rather than on a single image, please provide a header.

While the format can be modified at the artist's discretion, a small header template is provided here:

2) Use an LJ-cut to hide the images/video.

If you don't know what one is or how to make one, please go here.

You may leave a few small thumbnails outside of the cut as a preview.

3) [OPTIONAL] Use a concrit tag to indicate level of criticism wanted.

More on the concrit tags later. You don't have to use a tag but if you receive crit for a piece of artwork that you have left untagged, we expect you not to whine about it.


1) No more than four preview icons, please.

Everything else needs to be behind an LJ cut. If you don't know what one is or how to make one, please go here.

2) Make it clear if credit is necessary, and, if it is, to whom it is due.

Name either the icon journal or yourself.


1) Use an LJ cut to hide the track listing, details or Flash plugins.

If you don't know what one is or how to make one, please go here.

You may leave box art and/or a short description in front of the cut.

Download links may be provided outside a cut, as well.


Do not post advertisements for multifandom RPs and so on without mod permission.

Make it clear what is in your post. If you're posting a Snake/Ocelot fanfic, make sure we can tell either from inference or outright statement whether this means Solid Snake or Naked Snake.

Crossposting is okay; however, use your judgement.



Crit tags are for indicating what level of feedback you want from your work.

Simply place the appropriate icon in your post, or, if you don't feel like it, state in text what level of crit you want.


Raiden indicates that crit is neither encouraged nor discouraged. People are welcome to provide concrit, but neither are you asking for any. Of course, if you do receive concrit, we expect you not to throw a tantrum about it.

This level is considered the default setting for untagged works.

"I like it. It's pretty."

Sunny indicates that the creator of the fanwork does not wish to receive crit for it. This can be useful if a work is personal to you or if the work was something that you don't feel is indicative of your actual skill level. Don't be ashamed about using Sunny. She's a nice kid.

"Let's see what you're made of!"

The Boss indicates that the creator of the fanwork would like to encourage crit. This doesn't mean this is the only thing asked for - 'I liked it, please write more!' is always nice to hear - but simply that it is asked for. However, please be civil about your crit and mindful of the author's feelings.

"Kill me now!"

Fortune indicates that the creator of the fanwork would like no-holds barred, vicious crit. Essentially, this is the same as The Boss, but with the added caveat that politeness isn't required and there's no need to play sandwiching-bad-points-between-good-points. That said, please direct insults at the work itself and not at the author.


BASIS: tags indicate what game the fanwork is primarily based on (for instance, Metal Gear Solid or Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty).

CHARACTER: tags indicate the/a character in the fanwork (for example, use the "EVA" tag for a fanart of EVA, and both the "EVA" and the "Big Boss" tags for an EVA/Big Boss AMV).

FEATURE: tags indicate features that people may seek out:

"AU" indicates Alternate Universe, meaning some or all elements are changed deliberately
"Challenge Response" indicates something done for a challenge, such as a comm on LJ, a request from a friend, a kink meme entry, etc.
"Crack" indicates deliberately weird and humourous works
"Crossover" indicates characters or universes from two or more unrelated canons being combined
"Drabble" indicates fanfics of around a hundred words in length
"Genderswap" indicates making male characters female or vice versa
"Parody" indicates works which imitate canons or meta-concepts in order to mock those other works
"PWP" indicates Porn Without Plot, smutfic with no or little attempted justification
"Time paradox" indicates characters from various non-compatible timelines being brought together in the fic, i.e. a fic involving both Sniper Wolf and The Boss being in the same room.

MEDIUM: tags indicate the medium of the work in the post.

PAIRING TYPE: tags indicate whether the main pairing of a work is slash (two guys), femslash (two girls), het (one of each) or... well, absent (gen).

RATING: tags indicate the rating of the work.

THESE TAGS ARE PRIMARILY FOR ARCHIVAL PURPOSES AND DO NOT MEAN HEADERS ARE UNNECESSARY. Please apply all those tags you think are relevant to your post using the Tag button after it is created.

If you require a tag to be custom-made, please use one of the "@" tags. A mod will create a new tag for you which fits your specifications.

Tag abuse will be corrected as soon as it is spotted. Repeated tag abuse will annoy us.


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AIM/Skype: Fireholly99

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